Sunday, August 5, 2007

Wouldn't You Know It?

Vaginas demand equal time, it seems. So, in response to my penis essay, which I promise won't be my last, that is, essay, I'd like to talk about vaginas for a minute.

I started this quest wondering whether there was porn for the feminine set. As hard as I Googled (oh, god, it's a verb) and through all of the porn sites I was forced to examine, I have to report that I couldn't find a single site that was what I thought representative of porn from a woman's point of view. Oh, sure, there's plenty of anal, facial, drunken orgies, creampies, nylon and smoking fetish sites, but I just can't see my girlfriend cozying up to Cap'n Stabbin's latest streams of conquest. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think so. Maybe church going, hard-working girls don't bother with porn at all. Unless an Abercrombie catalog counts.

I did find two excellent sites that seem to provide actual, practical information not in a clinical, stand-offish way. One is the site of Dr. Betty Dodson, who provides a really fascinating set of information that really must be helpful for ladies seeking the Big O. Heck, I learned lots - no, really. I'm actually anxious to try some of the techniques out on my girl - I'd do it on myself first, but my vagina is in the shop. Anyway, there are exercises (don't scoff - the anatomy of the female genitals involves a complex interaction of muscles that can be toned and will make a difference in performance, results and consequently, self-confidence), tools, suggestions on technique and lots of information on self-image. Betty Dodson (Wiki article) is a well-known advocate of female sexuality and has been a pioneer and champion of self-love, so check it out. You, too, guys, since you need to respect that fantastically complicated mechanism that you so enjoy pulling, pounding, rubbing and chewing.

The other site is more general and, I think, can be useful to couples that want to share viewing it. It's, the site of sex coach, Tristan Taormino. She's a columnist for the Village Voice and produces erotic material as well as tours herself. Note that she is an advocate of all things anal - sorry if that makes you squirm, but somebody's got to do it, apparently. Plus, she lectures on GLBT (that's Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgendered) issues. Kinda interesting stuff closer to the wild side.

That should represent equal coverage, don't you think?