Monday, December 29, 2008


I'm having an International Moment, thinking about how I've consistently seen the mortals around me (except for M) fail me at same sort of crucial moment and how, ultimately, it's all about timing. Buy low, sell high: isn't that what they say?

Mistress Spanks-A-Lot would say, "You've been a bad boy" and I would agree just to get the treat. But when the talc cleared, those left standing would have shown their courage and patience and mostly, their lack of care for inconvenience and disdain for laziness. Sometimes, in the effort to force a result, people make decisions that represent, yup, laziness and fear. In the end, waiting one more day may make all the difference and present an entirely different tableau of reality. I'm trying to adopt this phirosophy, since, in practice, it really seems to make a difference. Here are some examples:
- I bought a stock last Wednesday with $11K of my cash. Today I have $16.5 K. I almost succumbed to the fear that the stock couldn't go higher and made a decision to automatically sell at 7 if it made it there by the end of last Wednesday. It didn't make it and the order expired. I did not give in to the fear and, guess what? Nothing bad happened.
- I met a woman that's so unlike me - meaning she is very simple, down-to-earth and sensible - that an outsider would likely not understand the connection. Heck, I'm not sure I understand the appeal. So far, in our relatively short association, I've put her through the ringer and yet, she hasn't succumbed to what should be fear and instead, had redoubled her commitment. So, she's either stupid or very loyal. I know it's the latter.
- My ex is a giant pain in the bum. Reaction begets reaction and you know what happened to all those begats in the Bible. Instead, I am a cipher. It requires a lot of patience and no, you don't have enough. Also required? Good walking shoes, in a figurative sense.
- My kid is half-convinced I'm an evil maniac, thanks to aforementioned crazed ex. M counsels patience and taking the longer view, that the pressure of making it want to happened will force the whole dealy-o in the other direction. And that's absolutely so. Instead, I soft- and back-peddle, taking whatever time there needs to be.
- I expected my Sham-Wows to be delivered in time for Christmas, but no. Ususually, this would result in my unflagging abuse of the call center in Mumbai, Shanghai or I-Don't-Know-Why with just about zero result. Hey, Vince, I would have said, I can do this all day. But I waited. And sure enough, those puppies showed up. A little late, but that's okay. I have plenty else to do in the meantime.

Patience, grasshopper. It really is about prioritizing what's important and accepting that it will likely work out somehow.

Very tricky Bhuddist, that M, but she's right. Again.