It Was The Best Of Times

I was born during a hurricane. I sh*t you not.

If you know me, or think you know me, and have somehow happened upon this site, please know the following:

  • Not everything is about you.
  • This would be your business if I had given you the link. I didn't, so I don't wanna hear it.
  • Some things here are fictional, some are factual, but mostly, they are essays from my point of view. Respect that.Since it's NOT reportage, but opinion, don't expect a balanced view.
  • Don't bother running off to create a rival site that names me and excoriates me. I won't read it except to gather evidence for a lawsuit. Guaranteed.
  • Anything that is written down skips over scads of grey area. It's simply impossible to replicate exactly the human experience and to express every angle of view. Can't be done.
  • This site is created in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave where we take our First Amendment right quite seriously. If you're from a place where freedom of speech isn't an option, I feel bad for you, but don't Fatwā me just because I get to say what I please and you don't like it. You're not in the Club of Citizens over here, so, too bad. Sour grapes and all that.

There you go.

The contents of this site are copyright the author, name on file. Unauthorised duplication, copying, transmission or distribution is strictly prohibited with remedies as governed by United States Code, Title 17. I have gone after one crook and I'll go after you, too. Technology makes it possible. And none of that "fair-use" nonsense, since you don't understand the term anyhow, otherwise, you wouldn't spout it on your obscure forum or blog as if it was some magic protection. Idiot.

To those who have been quoted or have had images displayed on this site: I do NOT copy material without permission. Where permission has been sought and granted, a credit and a linkback is provided on the site. IF YOU ARE A COPYRIGHT HOLDER and feel you have been infringed, contact me and I will immediately remove potentially infringing materials while the matter is investigated. I take copyright very seriously and take steps to insure that material is not used without permission.