Thursday, July 26, 2007

Womyn's Intuition

When I was a child, my father chided me for being "too sensitive." He was an impulse-driven nutball, plowing his way through life and everyone in it. Thus, he said many things that would be considered definitely un-PC.

Call me crazy, but just call me.

So, I have had a strange relationship with the opposite sex my entire life. They seem surprised and the boys think I'm gay. Aha! But I'm not - and the girls like the fact that my feminine side suits their collective comfort zone quite fine. Sorry, guys! Caught ya napping!

The point being . . . I coulda scored a whole buncha fur in my day but I didn't. Why? Is it because I'm gay? No, I told you (*&*@)&* before that I'm not! Geez. No: it's because I thought then and still think that it's just not right to try to take a gob's squab away, get me? But still, girls make great friends. I can talk to girls for hours - guys? "How 'bout those Yankees?" Even gay guys are a bit of a disappointment. All that dick swingin' gets on my nerves.

Not bad for a geek.

So, in celebration of the set of balls womyn secretly carry around to use when their man-fodder ain't lookin', here's a link from the US Coast Guard about SPARS (similar to WAVES, ya dolt) or womyn in the CG in dubbleya dubbleya eye eye.