Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This Is The End, My Only Friend, The End

Today, I sold my van. Yay. I felt 12 seconds of guilt when signing over the title and then thought, caveat emptor, sucka, then pocketed the dough. I rented a car and am now tasked with finding a usable vehicle for around $1000. Not so easy a task when under the gun of a daily rental with so much else going on.

I got, read and approved the unfair and imbalanced deal that is my settlement agreement that puts my divorce a pen stroke and rubber stamp away. Then, the clock starts ticking on getting the halibut outta here. Caveat emptor, yet again.

And I wondered about you. How I missed your enthusiam, like a rope dropped in a fast-flowing river, pointed at the drowning man, quickly sucked into the current, thus sealing his fate.

C'est la vie. N'est pas (vrai?)