Friday, November 14, 2008

The Full Moon Makes Me . . . TOTALLY INSANE ! ! !

If you lived in this part of the country in the late 70's and early 80's, you would remember the television and radio commercials (produced by my long-lost friend, MB, by the way) for Crazy Eddie. "Our prices will drive you INSAAAAANNNNEE!" exhorted Jerry Carroll, a very talented radio personality with enrgy that was just over the top. Eddie was Eddie Antar and his brother, Sam Antar was indicted in the 80's for massive fraud and was called "the Darth Vader of Capitalism" Here's an interesting interview of Eddie, after the jump.

But, I digress. The full moon got me to thinking, yet again, of how nutty people can get around this time of the month, almost without fail. What is it about the full moon that gets folks all lycanthropic and such? I know that I dread business dealings during the full moon. People become impossible to deal with - demanding, unreasonable, insane. There's a certain someone I know who claims to get so worked up during the full moon that door knobs begin to become attractive as potential satisfaction vectors. My ex-business partner used to stay extemely late at work during period of the full moon because he couldn't stand to be around his wife, who, he claimed, would become "an unbearable shrew."

So, here again are we, at that part of the lunar cycle. I don't feel much different. Or do I? Hmm. Maybe it's because I'm quaffing my own ration of insanity with Amontillado and Wheat n Cheese Crackers. Whatever. What's it to you? Sorry - don't know what just got into me.

It doesn't make much scientific sense but I can't doubt that it's real. Even at work today, the star salesperson popped her cork for really, actually no reason whatsoever. slamming a door with such force that the frame was dislodged. I stopped at the post office in my rural community where a line is not only rare but weird and, sure enough, a line of probably five people, all quite testy.

Finally, the stock market went ape-sh*t these last few days - plunging down and then roaring back today. I dunno, but there has to be a connection to this infection, yo.

Let's see what happens next month which will be, I wager, a much better month, full moon or no.