Thursday, June 25, 2009

Icons On Ice

Both Micheal Jackson and Farrah Fawcett took the long vacation today. They are icons of my era. MJ was my age. Farrah is my brother's age.

I was a alt-punk rocker, mostly, so MJ was anathema mainstream and frankly, annoying. Farrah, though, had wonderful nipples. I'm listening to the Beeb at the moment and so far, all of the press is on the late Mr. Jackson. My recollection is that Mikey wanted to be Popsicle-ized a la Walt Disney, presumably to be unfreezed when face-transplant surgery is a perfected technique. There has been no coverage on the possible preservation of Ms. Fawcett's twin stiffies.

I supposed this is the way it will be. Pretty soon, Mick, Rick, Tim, Tom, Randy, Demi, Sally, heck, the whole darn crew, will be heading off to the Pearly Gates for inception into the Eternal Hall of Fame. And with any luck, I'll be at the end of the line, behind the celestial velvet rope. Allah, Buddha, Yaweh, et al, willing.

(Image credit: Del Monte, Splash News)