Thursday, December 17, 2009

Beat Me To It

I believed, until about fifteen minutes ago, that my ex was unique amongst ex's. I believed, and previous posts here provide a nice sidelight to that belief, that there was no one as insane, abusive, manipulative, cruel and delusional. Having missed Thanksgiving with my daughter due to my nutty ex-mate and likely facing a three-peat over Christmas and New Year's, I've been feeling a little low. I just can't justify spending three grand a month on a lawyer to gain an Order To Compel and a Contempt of Court Order which I feel, unless jailed, my batty ex would ignore anyway. It would be a Pyrrhic victory. So, I've been feeling very alone. Until I found this site:

Now, you have to understand that the other side of my "situation" is that I'm only human and battle does take its toll. I thought, "How much a release it would be if I could simply dump all of my experiences into a book in hysterical, historical form. And to marry that to a blog - that would be a kind of victory." Unfortunately, there is indeed nothing new under the sun.

Within that site is, it seems, a nearly identical pattern of bullsh*t, lies, manipulations and evidence of borderline personality disorder that I'm directly experienced. It's uncanny. It also means that my work is done.

Please quit reading this blog and go to that site now. I mean it!