Friday, February 19, 2010

Um, yuck.

I'm eating a bowl of Cambell's Hearty Sirloin soup at the moment. On opening the can, I was presented with an aroma that, having been the host to many domestic felines over the years, I immediately recognized as that of cat food. And I don't mean Fancy Feast here. We're talkin' Shoprite generic that might be made from unfortunate pussies, for all I know. It's the kind of food that one might toss in an alley to assuage the pangs of hunger rumbling through the tummies of hapless, homeless, feral kitties whose alternate menu selection might come from the dumpster behind Happy Time Kitchen.

Like those fuzzy soulmates, I am hungry and faced with either going out to score something else, either at Happy Time or at Shoprite. But that would mean going out into the wind and I hate the wind.

The images on the packaging are appealing: steamy chunks of "beef" and hearty-looking potatos just waiting to be loaded into a gaping maw.

So, here I sit, typing, breathing through my mouth between bites to avoid the ambience, alone. Next time I shop, I'll stock up in case of snow since the salt content in one putrid bowl is surely enough to keep my driveway clear until Spring.

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