Saturday, January 6, 2007

Pets Are Fun

We have a rather oversized and insecure Pomeranian pup. She is afraid of the "White Cat" who, for some reason, was never given a name that stuck, hence, she is popularly known by the description of her appearance. That cat is mostly white except for her orange tabby tail which looks like a hastily attached part from some other less fortunate feline, along with a splash of orange tabby on her ear, head and nose. This cat also likes extremely high places, like the tops of kitchen cabinets, top shelves in any applicable closet and the attic. SInce this cat has no apparent fear of anything, she bats the poor dog on the nose, cornering her in the kitchen, stealing whatever doggie dignity she might have had left.

Interestingly, they seem to be able to work as a team when food is involved. One incident involved the White Cat and the Black Cat jostling the three pound coffee can that contained about a hundred tasty dog biscuits off of the counter in the breakfast nook onto the floor. The dog's task was to "crack" the can by chewing off the blue plastic lid. Once done, the biscuits were liberated for the crew to enjoy.