Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Biceps and BeBop

I've just started "working out." I qoute that since it's not being done correctly, I suspect, and I'm the proverbial 98 pound weakling. Geekdom has been my claim to gettin' the chicks - so you can gues how that has gone. But after 20,000 BowFlex ads on late-night television, where they accurately and effectively target, well, me, it seems, I got tired of kicking sand in my own face and resolved to get at least two-pack abs. Besides, my doctor told me that it was either that or joining his cycling club and climbing the hills and skidding into the dales of Northwestern New Jersey. As if. So, I need help and advice on that, fer sure.

I'm trying not to go graph by graph, but Mel is the best. I don't understand why he's so under-recognized. The tone, the swing - it's pure heaven. Plus, he sounded great even near the end of his career: just natural talent. I recorded him at the Blue Note in 1993 and the presence of his tone was phenomenal. Okay: I guess you can tell my passion for Mel is fairly unbridled. I also worked with Sid Nark on the Sinatra show for eight years, so, probably, I've heard it all and, I'm sorry, but he doesn't move me in the same way. He had a talent, but really, and I am sorry, no real soul. As far as other music, I've very partial to Chopin, Beethoven, Prokofiev, OMD, Herb Ellis, REM, Coldplay and the Dropkick Murphys. Oh, yeah, and Klezmer musc -which is like Yiddish Jazz, if you're not familiar with it. I was once fairly close to David Licht of the Klezmatics, which is, in my huble opinion, the hippest Klezmer band around. So, I would say my musical tastes are diverse.