Sunday, June 17, 2007

Death To Doggie

My dog is on a major chewing binge.

Three pairs of shoes with only the left ones eaten. How does she know which one is the left one? Milk containers from the recycling bin, cell phone charger cord (shocking), a cell phone, a guitar cable, two brushes, a comb, two belts (one Armani - arrrgh!), vacuum cleaner tools, a complete set of same, about 20 pens, 30 pencils, an ant bait, a tube of Kheil's Heavy Duty Hand Salve, a tube of Ultrabrite Toothpaste with Extra Whitening, four packs of cigarettes, my ankle, a #2 Phillips screwdriver, the cat's bowl, the cat, a vintage 1930's Mexican serape, a strawberry container, including the strawberries, a credit card (probably for the best), three pairs of flip-flops, left ones only, my leather couch, two pencil sharpeners, another hair brush, 11 boxes, empty, a pool cue, the cat again, two device remotes, my car keys, two empty pill bottles (she must have had a headache after all that chewing,) five doggie bones, seven rawhide strips and I think that's about it.

Is there such a thing as Doggie Dentures?