Thursday, October 8, 2009

Twitter, Fa Real, Y'all

This is, apparently, a Mimus Polyglotus, also known as a Northern Mockingbird, which I found singing its brains out while I went to my car in order to find my lighter so that I could desperately satiate my craving for tobacco so that I might at least have one less anxiety. Here he, she or it is:

It's saying, "Tweet this, mofo!"

Mockingbirds copy the songs of other birds and even rusty gates or hinges. Wasn't Rusty Gates a NASCAR driver or a country singer or something? There is a Rusty Gates who's a famous fly fisherman and the proprietor of the Gate Au Sable Lodge in Michigan. Good news is that their lodge is Wi-Fi HOT!!! These birds are found in Michigan, too, it seems, so, maybe they know him.