Monday, July 4, 2011

Maru: Defining Determination

Yes, I know. Two cat posts in a row can't be a good sign. But then, I don't really write about what I'm writing about when I'm writing about it. It's only when, like a good pot roast, it's had a while to soak in its own juices that it starts to take on the proper meaning.

This, however, is a cat post. I wish for you to have no illusions about this. I am addicted to cats. I can't get enough of them. oddly, I have none in my possession at this time. No, instead I have a dog. Interestingly, this dog has developed some very cat-like properties, like being forever underfoot in the kitchen, watching birds (also know as crack-for-cats) while muttering something akin to, "I could get you, I could kill you, I could, I could . . .", sleeping like all freakin' day and playing with string. Perhaps it's a good thing I have no cats as it's likely that I would have at least three and begin the not-so-long journey to stereotype-dom.

Still and all, I like cats. I especially like cats that are wacky. So, without further delay, here are two videos. The first one is about Maru The Japanese Cat and his obsession with a big box. Simple, I know, but like most things Japanese, elegant. And I can't be the only one who likes cats and cat videos, since this video has had nearly six million views. And the second is a video of an apparently invisible cat. Please excuse me if you've seen these and kindly let me know if they disappear, since the videos are on YT and may very well go "poof." Meow!

And here's yer bonus:


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