Sunday, July 10, 2011

Why I Don't Watch (Don't Like) "Black" Movies

It's really very simple. Motion picture entertainment target exclusively at "black" audiences is, believe it or not, still a developing market. As a consequence, "black" movies that get made and promoted tend to be, well, dumbed-down to a point that an equalized audience would have little choice but to be insulted.

So, by not being part of that audience, I choose to not support "black" movies by watching or renting them nor do I subscribe (knowingly) to any cable network that supports that kind of programming. The fact that the only director to ignore the audience, namely Spike Lee, can make intelligent movies and inform me on the real black, excuse me, African-American, perspective, means that it can be done. Not my fault that he's an intellectual. He is bankable, and so, can make his brilliant movies. The rest is absolute crap and is f*cking insulting to my African-American brothers and sisters. The time has come to look at this this and perhaps suggest a blanket boycott of that tripe.

So, is it okay to make stupid white-person movies? Maybe it's because there's more freedom and more history. There's certainly enough "free" perspective to make a significant difference and to allow way more latitude. In fact, it should be expected. But for black audiences, there are issues that need to be examined carefully, right now. That doesn't mean boring, dry scripts, either. It can be, and has been done in an entertaining way, too.

I beg you, Tyler Perry: stop with the Medea crap - that's particularly embarrassing. "Why Did I Get Married" one and two, is cringe worthy - for a white person!  Please - make it stop.

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