Thursday, December 28, 2006

My Polite Responses

Sorry about that. I believe you received a response from me that may seem a bit strange. You see, I have a bad habit of sketching replies within an actual e-mail. Often, I get interrupted. Sometimes they get sent. Sometimes, they really should NOT get sent. Yours was such a case. So, again, my apologies. I don't have a copy, but I'm sure it was odd, if not strange.

So, let's begin anew.

Thanks for your kind reply.

I do indeed like fermented milk products of all sorts, the great peripatetic Teacher himself, and music that rips my heart out. Unfortunately, there is an endless supply of such music.

I have to be utterly honest, especially because you sound like a very nice person. I am cute like a baby rattlesnake is cute. There you are - you've been warned. Now, on to lighter fare.

********** I go on to describe why I'm such a find. Boring. Next!