Saturday, April 3, 2010

Clash of the Titans

299 seats and the only one i could snag was 11 feet from the screen. Sam Worthington's begrizzled mug was huge and in frightening 3D.

Clash of the Titans gets much right and a few things very wrong. The pacing overall is good and the acting is nuanced. The action sequences are far too speedily cut, making them somewhat incomprehensible. The color scheme of the film's design is very bland, almost British, limited to hues of sand, brown, granite and grey. Very depressing.

But they do get the story right and this movie is very family-friendly. No blood, no cleavage, no nipples poking through diaphanous gowns, even. On the other hand, 8-year-olds will be squirming through the long, complicated narrative of the classical mythology.

Still, it's a mostly intelligent film and the actors do a good job of expressing their art with limited face-time. Thank the Gods there can't be a sequel, though.

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