Friday, April 30, 2010

O! Bama!

Heffalump. I just like the sound of that word, or non-word, as it actually is. Like the sound of a car door being shut with a full can of Coke in the map pocket that continues its trajectory after the door meets the seal, together with that sinking feeling that you'll be stepping into, or sitting on, a sticky mess when you finish up at the mall. Another compelling reason to drink diet. Heffalump.

The action figure shown here is being marketed later this year by Hong Kong company Hot Toys. A visit to Hot Toys' website shows some of their truly amazing stuff. I checked around and, lemme tell ya, it ain't cheap. Some of the movie-based figures are in the $200 range. Michael Jackson fetches around $100.

Although the marketing material doesn't seem to refer to Obama as being the model for Model TIM-15, African American, Advanced Ver., he does have, according to the description, a "real-like head".  Personally, I think his feet are too small. There are also two sets of hands included, one pair suitable "for holding a gun" and a different style of neck. Also, wait, get this, the thigh muscles are removable.  Suggested retail? About 38 bucks. That's one dollar for each of the figure's 38 points of articulation. Boy, oh, boy, but the Tea Partiers are gonna have fun with this one. And yes, I put in my pre-order . . . I can't wait till the Michelle version comes out!

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