Saturday, May 15, 2010


We're meant to be. We're meant to be a pair of equals. One-to-one is our ratio, though not Golden. I think about you every day, of how you have added to my life and how to add mine to yours. We are divided from each other for the moment, yet when we're together, your happiness multiplies mine. Would it be a better thing if I could somehow subtract the common denominator of despair and loss and solve for X? I estimate that it would.

No matter how I look at the problem, in the end, there seems to exist no solution. The numbers are daunting, towering over me, nullifying my will to act, zeroing this tangent to success. It just doesn't tally, since it all has to count.

What's the method, the theorem, the formula, the algorithm? I've always been bad at math. Could you be my tutor?

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