Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I don't like doing linkage just for the sake of it, but I spend a considerable amount of time wandering into interesting back alleys of the internet, sometimes randomly, sometimes because I follow long, tortuous paths based on a ridiculous pairing of unlikely keywords I even use misspellings of common words, just to see what'll come back. And then, there are sites that I think are unique and valuable, unusual or just plain absorbing. So, here is a collection of a few that I think are kewl (ack ack): - A site focusing (ha ha) on VR panoramic photography. - Simply amazing, apparently found, snapshots. - This company makes rigs for VR pano photography and this is a link to their QTVR panoramic images from some of their clients. - Is it true or is it bullsh*t? The Museum of Hoaxes has a great section on the top 100 April Fool's pranks. Hard to believe what people take as real.

Much more to come . . .