Thursday, February 7, 2008

It's Like Baking A Cake

My mind is a carnival . . . and you have tickets . . . welcome to the midway.

Middle-aged sex and cake baking have a lot in common:

- though we like it, it's not done that often
- both use batter though one kind uses "baby" batter
- how much of a rise there is depends on the chemicals used, the humidity and sometimes, whether the Knicks lost, yet again
- there's always a chance of getting burned
- no amount of icing will help
- it helps if the oven is hot before putting in the item
- some fillings are more delicious than others
- too much can kill you
- there are lots of sites online that you can check out but there's nothing like doing it in person
- too little leaves you to want to do it again, though you're too damn tired

Hey . . . there's always Entemanns' . . . (photography by Danny Smythe, though I would dearly love to take credit for this very fine and difficult work)