Friday, February 15, 2008

Just Can't Let The Dogs Sleep

Ya know, the last thing I should be doing now is writing. I have an important lawyer's meeting in the morning regarding my wonderful divorce from the Dark Side of the Force. I am exhausted. There are bills that I must pay tomorrow. My kid is basically uninterested in the fact that I exist and it is, or was, Valentine's Day, which also happens to be my wedding anniversary, my eleventh, to be exact.

Now, let me say that my "marriage" has been bizarre from every apprising angle. Sure, like yours isn't (or wasn't.) Yeah - think about that for a moment . . . thought so. But imagine being married and, in retrospect, not having anything like a "normal" married relationship for three-quarters of the marriage. I tried to pin it down to a particular time, but the narrowest I can get when things really unravelled was about six or seven years ago, just after she got her green card . . . hey, wait a minute! Damn.

Plus, I really sizzled my girlfriends' wits by not calling today. She's right, I'm wrong, I'm sorry. But lissun here: I was burning rubber since my car doors wouldn't unlock at 7 AM to take my kid to school, running to work, being crushed with tasks and just easing up about 8:30 at night. I hadn't spoken to my brother about the biig bucks I needed from y mother's estate for legal fees and to save the house, hadn't talked to my daughter, but I did get her a card and candy, thoughtful Dad that I am, and when I finally did, I found out that she had a concert and nobody told me, not even her. I chided her for this, but . . . I don't like where this is going or has gone.

Still, I guess, there's never an excuse for missing a birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or Christmas, in that order, according to my dearly departed Mum, social butterfly that she was. I didn't exactly miss it - I just didn't get to it yet. Charlie Brown would express it this way: Arrrgh!

So, I'm in the doghouse, but, I ask you, is that not where dogs like me, covered in suppurating sores and mange, itching with fleas, is that not where we belong? Woof.