Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I Wish I Was On Drugs

I spent about a year on Lexapro, an SNRI. Basically, it helps modulate serotonin and norephrin levels so that people like me aren't so freakin' looney. The side effects are a major bummer, though. Sex becomes as interesting as a mayonaise sandwich, an erection is a surprise, and sleep is your friend, even in the middle of the day. Oh, and I almost forgot - memory loss, similar to that of the long-term potsmoker. Right now, I'm thinking that I almost could give up my dick just so that I could re-enter the Land of I Don't Care.


I got to a good point by late Sunday night. Tonight - fageddaboudit. From a major sinking to anger to I-just-don't-give-a-poo, at two am, mind you. But I do give a poo, and therein lies the problem. I keep missing the f*ckin train, and now I'm destined for the short bus. It's where people like me belong, anyway.


I give up. My heart is broke and I'm just gonna leave it broke. Y'all have a good one without me now, k?

If I'm still around in the morrow, I think I've going to stop writing these true tales of woe. Maybe I'll drone on about Barack Obama or write a blog on Green Alternatives or the latest gadgets. What's the point of being real, anyhow?

Anyhow. Whatever.