Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Garden of Nay-Nay

I, too, like gardening, though I think I can't manage to kill enough pansies to suit the garden gods since they always demand more. I keep intending to have a professional landscaper come in and do what is better done by a professional, but I just get started on a planting project and can't seem to stop. Maybe next year . . . I do have lots of strawberries, tomatoes and peppers, some cauliflower and cantaloupe, beans, peas, zucchini and basil, lemon thyme, oregano, dill, and scallions. The herbs grow so well that I can't ever give enough away to make a difference, it seems. I imagine my friends tossing my new supplies to them out the window once they hit the highway.

I have enough property to be self-sufficient, food-wise, if I knew how to can and preserve and if I wanted to destroy the lawn in my backyard to make way for crops. Today, I bought ten ears of corn for 18 cents (!) each. So, what would be the point of growing corn? Or potatoes? It seems to be cheaper to but than grow on a small scale. The one benefit is this - whatever one grows does absolutely, I gorantees it, taste better. One season, I grew cucumbers that tasted exactly like their watermelon relatives. Yum. My peas and string beans are sweet as all get out. The eggplant are succulent and the zuchinni would make a fruit insertionist cry with delight. And, back to the herbs - yes, I have more than I could use in ten lifetimes, but I bet you'd love my pasta sauce. Bam!