Tuesday, May 8, 2007


So, being that I have some spare time in between scrambling together my awesome portfolio, I've been delving into some of the darker reaches of the Internet. It just so happens that I'm a steadfast defender of the written English word and I would much rather open an artery than tolerate blatantly incorrect grammar or spelling. Unfortunately, spelling quality across the 'net seems to be atrocious, even on some larger company websites and in some Internet-present news organizations, both of whom engage in the business of communication each and every single dad-blasted day. God.

SMS and text messaging, chat rooms and the need for speed doesn't help the matter much. I've received incomprehensible e-mail loaded with what seem to me to be hieroglyphics. Fortunately, there's a solution. This web site purports to be able to translate English into the lingo of those livin' the net life. So, I tried it out - this was the result I got:

I wnt 2 feck U ^ d (_!_).

My input was this:

I want to fuck you up the ass.

So, yes, it's crude and I don't really want to fuck you or anyone else up the poop porthole, but it just goes to show what technology is doing for us today. Right now. In the moment. I like the use of the brackets and other top-row characters to create the "ass" symbol - very creative. Someone had to envision that - I wish I had that kind of time on my hands. Oh, wait, I do! :|)